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How to Choose and Purchase Industrial Control Touch Integrative Machine

Industrial touch integrated machine is more and more popular in the market. The emergence of various industrial touch integrated machine makes people dazzled. It has brought serious troubles to people's selection and purchase, which has caused many enterprise purchasers to pay attention only to the price of industrial flat panel instead of paying too much attention to their products. This is a serious mistake. Because of the bad industrial environment, the performance requirements of industrial touch integrated machine are very high, so how to choose and buy it? Industrial Touch Unit?

1. Brightness: ordinary brightness, indoor brightness in 250-300 cd/m2 sunlight readable, if used outdoors, usually very high brightness requirements, usually need 500-1000 cd/m2.

2. Color. In some industrial applications, when the information of color expression is more important than text and number, it is very important to measure the percentage of color saturation of NTSC as a contrast. At present, the color saturation of liquid crystal products mainly depends on backlight. CCF is a very mainstream application technology, usually can be used. In order to achieve 70% to 80% of the color saturation, if we want to approach the full color saturation, the backlight is usually realized by using LED technology.

3. Contrast, because the user may not be viewing at the ideal distance and under the optimum lighting conditions, the LCD panel with higher contrast is the best choice. Usually, industrial applications choose more than 450:1.

4. The visual angle of electrical performance may be watched by many people at the same time. Considering this situation, the LCD panel of industrial touch-in-one machine is required to have a larger visual angle than that of ordinary LCD panel. Usually, the maximum visual angle (H) 150/(V) 145 or more is required at the industrial level.

5. Response time. At present, the response time of consumer computers is less than 30 ms. In industrial applications, users need to be able to feel the motion in the dynamic environment. Usually, the response time is less than 10 ms.

6. Durability. Backlight life. In industrial applications, due to environmental impact and continuous use needs, the life of CCF (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) is 40,000 hours. Availability ensures minimization and simplification of failure and maintenance time and maximum utilization.

Industrial touch integrated machine has quickly occupied a certain market with good compression resistance, fast and convenient installation and operation, and beautiful appearance. Through these standards, you have a certain understanding of the industrial touch integrated machine, which is also convenient for you to make a better judgment on the choice.

As a subcategory of computers, industrial touch-in-one computer is not the same as consumer computers. Even if you can't find a physical shop selling industrial touch-in-one computer, how can we find a suitable and cost-effective industrial touch-in-one computer as a purchasing product?

Baidu Search:

I think in the 21st century Internet era, the first thing we will think of is Baidu, so what keywords should we search for in Baidu? Firstly, industrial computers are divided into two types, one is industrial integrated machine with industrial display and industrial touch screen, the other is without industrial display and industrial touch screen. So the keywords are easy to find. If you want to find an industrial touch-in-one computer with a display, you can search for "industrial touch-in-one computer" or "industrial flat panel-in-one computer". If you don't have a screen, you can search for "industrial computer". As a computer with a certain well-known brand in the industry, Guangzhou micro-embedded is everywhere in Baidu. So

2. Taobao Search:

Taobao, as the largest platform for online shopping in China, can be said to sell all kinds of products. Industrial touch-in-one machine products can be seen everywhere in Taobao, of course. As for how to search keywords, Taobao is the same. Taobao and Baidu have a common feature. After you input a word, it will pop up very much below. How different keywords, yes, these are the more popular search keywords, so that we can better find their own keywords. For example, when you enter "industrial touch" in Taobao, the first key word that pops up is "industrial touch integrated machine". Searching for this key word comes out many industrial touch integrated machines.

3. How to identify an industrial touch integrated machine suitable for you?

First of all, buyers want to buy a good quality and affordable industrial touch machine, so as an industry veteran, I tell you how to find such a product, buy industrial touch machine preferred manufacturers, then how to confirm whether it is a manufacturer? First of all, we must confirm the strength of the company, how large the company's R&D and production center is, whether the company's various certificates are complete, and whether there are corresponding certificates.

The product quality of industrial touch integrated machine is uneven. LCD screens are divided into imported industrial LCD screens, domestic industrial LCD screens, domestic consumer LCD screens and renovated LCD screens. Touch screens are also divided into imported touch screens and domestic touch screens. There are different brands of memory and hard disk, as well as new and second-hand LCD screens. So it depends on how the purchasers locate their purchases. If you blindly pursue low prices, it is possible to buy the renovated LCD screens and consumer LCD screens, of course, memory and hard disk may also be second-hand.

Finally, I suggest that you do not buy too much at one time when purchasing the first touch-in-one machine. It is better to buy a test first, and then purchase in batches after the test is satisfactory. For the purchase of industrial touch machine, please choose WQ / Weiqian brand, you deserve it!

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