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Guangzhou Weiqian participated in Beijing International Science and Technology Fair

The 22nd China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "science and Technology Expo") with the theme of "promoting the construction of science and technology innovation center to lead the high-quality development of industry" opened in China International Exhibition Center on October 24, which is a concentrated display of the achievements of Science and technology innovation of domestic high-tech enterprises. Guangzhou micro embedded computer technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the exhibition as one of the representatives of the upstream company of industrial automation intelligent manufacturing.
Guangzhou Weiqian, has exhibited the industrial tablet computer with arm architecture, which is an independent R & D system of Android, wince and Linux, and brought the latest industrial intelligence and Internet of things intelligent terminal solutions, reflecting the new progress of China's industrial intelligence process.
Since its establishment 15 years ago, Guangzhou Weiqian has provided numerous solutions for intelligent manufacturing enterprises. Micro inlay has complete technical support and professional team, and provides instant technical support in the product development stage of customers, reduces the development cost and investment of customers, and provides complete service support throughout the product life cycle, so that customers lead their competitors.
At the exhibition site, many enterprise representatives of industrial intelligent terminal manufacturers came to the exhibition stand of Guangzhou Weiqian The on-site sales engineers and technical engineers introduced the functional features, enterprise advantages and industrial application cases of the products to the visitors.
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