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Six characteristics of industrial tablet

In today's society, whether it is military, industrial, civilian production and life, intelligent computers are more and more widely used. Including industrial three-proof tablet PCs, military notebook PCs, and handheld ruggedized tablet PCs, the applications are increasing. The software system of industrial computers is different from ordinary computers.
Industrial computer software system is relatively simple, mainly to achieve a specific function, and because industrial computers usually use a processor that is not very fast, making the programming requirements relatively high. Industrial computers usually use simulation environments to develop programs, and use offline mode. While ordinary computers have a large number of general-purpose applications, the processor runs very fast, and the software development system is completely on the machine, without the support of other environments.
In general, the industrial requirements are relatively simple and simple, and the performance requirements are not high. The industrial tablet PCs require special stability in terms of performance due to long-term operation, which cannot be replaced by ordinary machines. As industrial applications and special solution applications, the performance requirements of industrial tablet PCs are roughly: strong and durable, durable, light weight, small size, simple installation and maintenance.
Analysis based on product characteristics and market demand. To sum up, the main characteristics of industrial tablet PCs are as follows:
1. Most of the front panels of industrial tablet computers are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, and the front panel reaches NEMA IP65 protection. Sturdy, durable, and light weight.
2. The industrial tablet computer is the structure of an integrated machine. The host, LCD and touch screen are integrated into one body, and the stability is relatively good.
3. Adopt the current popular touch function, which can simplify the work, more convenient and faster, more humanized.
4. The industrial tablet computer is small in size and easy to install and maintain.
5. Most industrial tablet computers use a fanless design, use large-area fin-shaped aluminum blocks to dissipate heat, with lower power consumption and less noise.
6. Beautiful appearance and wide application.

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