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Industrial Panel pc application machine vision robot

Industrial Panel pc application machine vision robot
From the factory assembly line to the warehouse logistics, then to the park express delivery, restaurant delivery, robots are gradually moving from outdoor to indoor, into our daily life. Among them, the service robots in the robot category are closely related to our daily life. These are controlled through industrial Panel pcs.
For example, the more and more common restaurant delivery service robot, in the catering industry, through the industrial Panel pc control delivery robot is gradually replacing the work of the porter. In Haidilao and other restaurants, the robot has become a "regular employee" of the restaurant. The robot can load 3-5 trays and support multi task distribution. Each meal can be delivered to multiple tables according to the optimal path. It is understood that a robot can deliver more than 300 dishes per day on average, and more than 400 dishes per day during the peak period of holidays. Two robots can complete the workload of 3-4 full-time food delivery workers in a hot pot shop.
The so-called feeding robot, through multi-sensor fusion algorithm, realizes centimeter level positioning and high-precision map construction, and can quickly sense when obstacles appear, detour in advance or brake in 0.5 seconds. In addition, the innovative scheduling system can support cooperation of up to 100 robots at the same time in the super large scene, so that robots can cooperate with each other, so as to optimize the driving route and improve the safety. Meanwhile, it is also convenient for the restaurant to gradually introduce more feeding robots, and further optimize the staffing.
In addition to the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent hardware is also needed for efficient cooperation. As the central processor of the machine control module, the reliability of embedded industrial Panel pc hardware products will directly affect the operation of the robot. Therefore, choose an embedded computer hardware product with high reliability Quality is essential.

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