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Industrial tablet computer smart factory industry overview and demand

Industrial tablet computer smart factory industry overview and demand

With the vigorous promotion of "industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025", manufacturers upgrade manufacturing, build intelligent factories, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality and service. MES production line management system realizes scientific analysis and decision-making based on data collection, and achieves intelligent and automatic management. Its main hardware equipment includes: pad mobile data collector, field industrial tablet computer, barcode scanning gun, wireless network, barcode printer, industrial computer and PLC bus connecting cable, sensor, etc.

As the core equipment of MES data acquisition and analysis, industrial tablet computer is mainly used to complete the work of production product parameter status display, system operation status control and display, historical data query and statistics, fault maintenance record query, etc. By setting the user access rights, ensure the safe and reliable operation of production equipment, so as to meet the real-time monitoring and comprehensive traceability requirements of the enterprise for the production process.
1, It is easy to install, use and maintain in different environments
2, Operation and data processing ability is strong, so as to achieve real-time collection of running state
3, Interface is rich, to achieve reliable data transmission and security, backup function
4, It has the functions of remote debugging, shortcoming alarm and so on
5, Strong and durable, waterproof, anti vibration, supporting wide temperature and wide pressure

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