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Advantages of Weiqian industrial tablet in industrial automation solutions

Advantages of Weiqian industrial tablet in industrial automation solutions
Industrial automation solutions provide a production base for shaping the future of intelligent chemical plants. The network connects rich multimedia and human-machine interface functions, seamless I / O interface and wireless connection to manufacturing equipment and products. Industrial automation solutions provide you with a variety of enhanced low-power system options and can be customized quickly, enabling ultra reliable 24-hour operation of industrial tablets even in harsh plant operating conditions.
When it comes to industrial production, we must think about how the assembly line workshop works. The workers stood by the assembly line and repeated one thing. With the development of industrial automation, the manual assembly line work is gradually replaced by intelligent equipment. This kind of equipment can not reduce the labor force and improve the efficiency greatly. All these are inseparable from the industrial tablet computer.
Industrial automation solutions can greatly reduce the development and management costs of deploying complex Internet of things systems. In addition to simplifying the collection, processing and display of production data to improve production efficiency and flexibility, it can also reduce operating costs by monitoring the status of production machines and energy consumption of equipment, lighting and air conditioning equipment in real time. Core applications include:
1. Data analysis: real time data processing and analysis to prevent power generation system collapse, ensure better production efficiency and reduce labor, material and energy costs.
2. Data collection: through rich selection of I / O connections for industrial tablet computers, important data can be collected from manufacturing equipment, air conditioning equipment, heating system, lighting materials and sensors.
3. Data visualization: display important production data in a rich interface friendly format in real time, improve the production efficiency of operators, and optimize the production line.
4. Monitoring and control: redundant network settings to ensure 24-hour remote monitoring and control in an end-to-end environment.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of industry and the continuous upgrading of technology, a series of programs in the process of industrial production, such as control, detection, jump reading, optimization, management and decision-making, can be embedded in the intelligent industrial tablet with simple operation, convenient use and higher efficiency.

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