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What are the benefits of customizing an industrial tablet

  What are the advantages of customized industrial tablets? As an industrial big data touch center, tablet computer plays an irreplaceable role in the industrial transformation. With the wave of the fourth industrial revolution in the world, tablet computers are becoming more and more popular in the industry. Tablet computers equipped with general standards obviously can not meet the requirements of some enterprises.
  As a result, tablet customization has become a necessary attribute of the product. According to the customization, the tablet will be more in line with the requirements of the user program application. So, what are the special features of customized industrial tablets? Let's see.
  What is a custom tablet?
  First of all, first of all, understand what is a tablet computer: a tablet computer is actually an industrial control computer, an industrial control machine, and an industrial control machine. So what's the difference between a custom tablet and a regular tablet?
  The customized industrial computer is based on the requirements of customers and is evaluated in the application scenarios. According to the user's requirements, it can perform the I / O data exchange of interface, CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card, sound card, shell, size and protection. Customized design with multi-directional performance, such as dust-proof and waterproof, display effect and module integration.
  Why do I need a custom tablet?
  It is multifunctional to meet the requirements of industrial users.
  For example, in terms of interface, users' external machines are not fixed and can be used in combination with tablet performance to exchange data. If the tablet is simple and fixed on the interface, it generally can not meet the customer's use.
  It must have universal interface settings, not only universal USB, DC, hdim, VGA, Ethernet, headset and other port settings to meet the general industrial requirements, but also interface customization, such as the ability to connect other external devices to the printer.
  At the same time, the performance of customized industrial computer is stable. In the industrial scenario, different levels of protection and requirements can be designed according to different use environments of customers. For example, on the basis of dust-proof and water-proof, based on the harsh environment of the industrial use environment with more dust, water and oil, the customized industrial computer can reach IP65 protection level to ensure the stability of operation.
  What are the product categories of customized industrial computers?
  Customized industrial computers are generally divided into two categories: industrial control machines and tablet computers. Industrial control machine is an industrial computer mainframe without touch screen display. Industrial tablet computer is an industrial computer with a host and a touch screen.
  Simply put, it is an industrial control machine + display touch screen. According to the current market research, tablet computers are more in line with user requirements, and the shipment volume is more impressive.
  This is about customizing industrial tablets. Generally, the biggest advantage of customized model is to meet the special needs of customers and maximize the function, so as to play a greater role in industry 4.0.

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