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Guangzhou Weiqian was founded in 2005. With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, Zhang Quanfeng, the founder
of Guangzhou Weiqian, stated that he has a entrepreneurial dream like many young people, but at that time some well-known
domestic companies were using imported brand products, such as Kontron, Siemens, and Schneider of France, but their products
are very expensive, which makes many domestic SMEs prohibitive.
After more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation in the field of industrial control, Zhang Quanfeng keenly realized that
there will be many applications in the future that will use this kind of compact instruction set computer, and the computer and its
ecosystem have been gradually established. This embedded technology will become the trend of the intelligent era. With the
development of industrial automation and the trend of the Internet of Things, this embedded industrial computer needs extremely
strong stability and lower power consumption. It is this vision that enables zhang quanfeng to see the huge market of embedded
technology, which also points out the direction of entrepreneurship for him to formally establish Guangzhou Weiqian brand.

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